Friday, September 6, 2019

Steamboat Night ala Santika Premiere Jogja

Yesterday, hubby and i got invitation from my liltle sister to enjoy The Steamboat Night in Santika Premiere Yogyakarta. We really enjoyed the dinner. Simple yet delicious. Chef Totok and crew served steamboat with two kind of soup; tomyam and meat soup. 

First of all, choose your fave meat. Fish, chicken, sausage, or maybe meatball.

Add some veggies. I love the tofu and hubby love broccoli. 

Let the chef boiled the steamboat. Chill out for a while until chef delivered your order. 


The steamboat taste was good. Chef Totok recommended us to combined the tomyam soup with the additional ingredient and yes, it tasted even better. I like the meat soup without additional sauce. It had a strong taste of chicken and beef stock. Just exactly what i want for my cold and flu.

FYI, Steamboat Night will be available at Santika Premiere Jogja every Thursday 6 - 9 PM for the whole September 2019. All you can eat, baby!

Chef's on the move. 

After dinner, we decided to have some walk around Santika. This lovely hotel located in main area of Yogyakarta. It is near from the iconic Tugu Jogja. The pedestrian area ones. So  will have a nice walk while enjoying the old city side. What a wonderful night! Thank you so much Santika.