Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Design of Dunianya Epoy

Hey.. Hey.. I'm forget to make a post about the nu appearance of my blog.  Since last March, i decided to redesign my baby blog.

Dunia Epoy. That was the earlier title of my blog. I made Dunianya Epoy on 2007 by using blogger service from Google. Just like the title, Dunianya Epoy is place for me to share my story, thought, happiness, anger, dream, and my untold hope. As the subtitle, I put this slogan : "Ketika Gw Merasa Kata-Kata Punya Kekuatan".

I create so many posts. Sometimes I get a thumb or a smile from my reader. In the other times, I get blame, hatred, threatening, and also punishment because of those posts. It is ok! I have the right to write and they have the same right to react.

So... After some tears, smiles, and spirits, i try to redesign my blog by my self. No help from Kang Gingin Tigin Ginulur or Ruben Frederik Knehans. Annnnddd... Finally it is done, baby! This is it...

Welcome to the new edition of my official purplish blog.

The World of Epoy
"I Write to Understand My Soul" --Paulo Coelho

-Epoy, while following the progress of Susno Duadji' execution on Dago Pakar, Bandung-
24042013, Depok

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