Monday, August 2, 2010

Before You Say 'I Do' - The Movie

Being bedrest, hardly to do and even thinking sumthin, so... watching movie is a good solution. It was becoming a nice one when you god a wonderful film. Hihihi... Just like what i'm feeling after enjoyed Before You Said 'I Do'. It really a sweeeeet movie...

Yes, Before You Say 'I Do' is a kind of romance film. So simple but touching. The angle of film, the way to describe a lovely feeling, how the movie does remind me about several things in my life...hmm those are the reason why i still keep smilling ;-)

Here they are, a not-too-longer info about Before You Say 'I Do'. It's written by Elna Knupp, directed by Paul Fox, released on 14 february 2009, produced by Marvista Entertainment, and distributed by Halmark Channel. (p.s : In my mind, Halmark is a symbol of many qualified lovething. That's why i copied this epoy-never-seen movie).

Film's begin with the song of I Love You for a Sentimental Reasons. Describing about two in love people, George Murray (David Sutcliffe) and Jane 'Jayney' Gardner (Jennifer Westfelay). George really loves Jayney. He proposed Jayney but she's too afraid to get married. Jayney had a trauma from her last relation, with a man called Doug (Jeff Rood). Doug had an affair with their wedding planner. They even made out in the suite Doug-Jane Honeymoon Room at reharseal wedding ceremony. Actually, Jane caught up Doug's bastar* behaviour but she couldn't angry to Doug. Until Doug really left her for that tempting wedding planner. Doug broke Jane's heart so muchh...

Then, Jane met George. She falls in love again but now she found a different love. This time Jane have a nice, care, soft, patient, loyal, not selfi sh, understand her soul, and pure loveable man. She loves George every single day but afraid to be married.

After a touching persuation, Jane finally accepts George's proposal. They get engaged although Janed couldn't hide her anxiety. She runaway from George in the night after engagement party.

When realized lost his future wife, George try to meet Janey. He raced with yellow sign traffic light while making a wish could meet Jayney before wedding day. Unfortunately, George got crash with other car and found himself live in 'Twilight Zone' when he opened his eyes.

Yups, twilight zone. George go to 10 years ago. From November 2nd 2009 to November 2nd 1999. That means, it's 3 days before Jane-Doug Wedding Ceremony. Bla, bla, bla, fairy tale begins.. But i guarantee you'll be got curious and smiling while enjoying George's advanture to 'get his Jayney back'.

George able to take his Jayney from Doug. They runaway from the ceremony, making yellow-light-wish, but crash (again) cars. This time when wake up, George found himself at a wedding situation. He is really happy because that was his re-ceremony to celebrate George-Jayney 10 years anniversary.

Hahaha... Such a real fairytale, isn't it..
But i like this movie.
Looks like that i will sing : "I love you for a sentimental reasons" for lately day. ^^

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