Friday, October 14, 2011

A Special Symphony from Special Student

This is the quote from Bu Rinjani, the headmaster of SLB Cahaya Mulia. She give this sentence to Jayden, the suddenly teacher music for the special needs student.
"This is not a place for experiment or the place for killing your time while you waiting for your next luck. You can life anytime you want.."
"It's not my life!"

Two days later Jayden came back to the school. He said these ones in front of the class:
"... I'm sorry kids for leaving you. Now I realize something. It's not "you need me" but "I need you all". You mean so many things to my life."

I like this movie! Ira Wibowo and Christian "Babyface" Bautista gave a 'sinetron' touch to the movie. But Ira Maya Sofa and the special needs student fixed them all. I think I will downloading their song as soon as posible.

♬Tak selamanya
Mendung itu kelabu
Nyatanya hari ini
Kulihat begitu ceria

Hutan dan rimba
Turut bernyanyi pula
Membuat hari ini berseri
Dunia penuh damai

Bintang berkelip
Dengan jenaka
Seakan tahu
Arti dan rasa

Oh kidung yang indah
Kau luputkan aku
Dari sebuah dosaku

Tak selamanya mendung itu kelabu
Nyatanya hari ini
Kudapat bernyanyi kepadanya♬

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