Friday, May 29, 2009

Will You Wait for Me

By : Kavana

I need to talk with you again
Why did you go away
All our time together
just fells like yesterday

i never though i see
A single day without you
The things we take for granted
We can sometimes lose

And if i promise not to feel this pain
will i see you again..
will i see you again...

cause time passed my by
may i'll never learn to smile
but i know i'll make it through
if you wait for me

and now the tears i cry
no matter how i'd try
they never bring you home to me
want you wait for me... in heaven...

do you remember how it was
when we never seem dont care
the day went by so quickly
cause i touhgt you always be there

and it's hard to let you go
altough i know that i must try
i feel like i've been cheated
Cause we never say goodbye

cause i miss you so
and need to know
will you wait for me in heaven...

PS : i dedicated this song to Opung Sayang..
sampai bertemu lagi di surga, opung
evi sayang opung
i'm gonna miss you so much

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