Saturday, July 6, 2013

So, What is My Name Now?

Lately, i have difficulties to write down my name. Yups, my own name! It is so confusing... I always spend more than 15 minutes to think about what my name is now. Type, erase, type, erase, and so on until i get bored then go back to my childhood name.

Evi Panjaitan. I used to take that name for along 28 year. Sometime I used Eviana Ulitaria Panjaitan. Somehow my father and Dinas Kependudukan force me to remember the "Mayro" things. Hohoho... I'm still wishing I can change it with "Mario". :D

Several day ago in our pillow talk, Ruben was asking when will I change my name. I told him that it was not as easy as i thought  before. Especially when he reminds me that he is also a Hutahaean. It means that i will a longer name... Ahhh...

Evi Panjaitan + Knehans + Hutahaean = ...
Evi P. Knehans or Evi P. Knehans Hutahaean
or Evi P. Hutahaean...

Ah, EPH.. Sounds de javu!