Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Guitar Ensemble : First Time

Guitar is a sexy thing. Hohohoho... 

I joined guitar course since November 2014. Times went by and finally Kak Yosep, our guitar master, decided to make the guitar ensemble. We practiced two songs for along 3 weeks. "Alam Raya Berkumandang" and "Gita Surga Bergema". Some people played for the rhythm and others as the melody. Me? I tried so hard to learn the Bm chord and groovy strum.   

These are the pictures from our first performance at Sunday Sermon on December 14, 2014. How we felt? NERVOUS! But so far, the performance was not bad at all for the beginner. Thank you God for the chance. May we could be better and better to praise you with our guitar.

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