Thursday, April 24, 2014

Editing Picture with Photoscape

Photoscape. I really like this photo editor program because i'm still lazy to learn Photoshop or Corel again. My argument, i have my personal designer and he is 24 hour ready. Xixixi... 

I knew this program from my sister, Hera Fortrantina Panjaitan. Photoscape helps you to resize, to crop, to decorate, and to add some text to our picture. This program is recommended to every amateur designer. It is just like me :D We can give an artistic touch to our photo. The program allows us to keep the original file when we want to save our work. 

Actually, Photoscape has another editing function. Someday i will share more info about Photoscape on the another post. Someday.. Xixixi.. This is my latest creation. I used the camera on my Vaio and i retouched the picture by using antique style in Photoscape. Not bad, right!

Vincy and me were in action.  I retouched the picture by using Photoscape.

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