Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yes, i'm in heaven!

Yesterday, April 23rd 2014, was a world book day. Suddenly i remember that i almost forget to write post about my last wonderful moment. *writingwithabigenthusiasm 

April 16, 2014. I've got myself three wonderful books. Autumn Once More, the compilation of metropop short stories by Ilana Tan and (including the inspiring cousin of mine Rosi L. Simamora). Aleph  and Manuskrip yang Ditemukan by Paulo Coelho. Finally i've got you all! Next project, Ksatria Cahaya by Paulo Coelho and The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald (if i'm not wrong). 

April 20, 2014. I've got Timeless Stories from Easter Writing Competition 2014 GKI Pos Adisucipto. This is the autobiography book about ordinary peoples who have extraordinary story of life. I will write the review about this book as soon as i finish read it. Promise!

At the end of April 20, 2013, Ruben and I found the suitable gadget to replace my 'calculator". The combination of his wish and (mostly) my wish. Vaio Fit 14. :D :D :D He said, "This is your birthday gift. Kalkulatornya pensiun ya..". Hahaahaha... May 7 comes early. I'm so happy! I've already fell in love with that kind of gadget since i watched The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. 

Yes, i'm in heaven! Thank you God. Thank you yang. 

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