Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sister of My Heart

It's April 15, 2014. Sister of My Heart, Arvinna Christina Sumenge, was celebrate her 30th birthday. Hohohoho... 30 years old. It sounds sooo... serious! Happy birthday dear sister of my heart. 

Sister of my heart. Yes, sister of my heart. We use to call each other with that lovely phrase. We got that phrase from the book written by Chitra B. Divakarini. Sister of My Heart. A feminist book told about the friendship of two Hindi girl. Vintoel gave this book as my 20th birthday present. Ah, i really love that book and i love it even more every time we called each other as sister of my heart.

Now we live in two different place. She choose to live in Jakarta while i made myself stuck in Yogyakarta. Great... writing this blog just make me miss her again and again. I should stop it! 

Okay.. okay.. This time i just want to share the picture i made for Vintoel. I draw it on a plain paper and let the Lomogram gave the final touch. Then.. tadaaa... This is it! Happy birthday My Vintoel! Huge kiss and hug from your Epoy in Jogja. Muachhh... 


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