Friday, August 29, 2014

Preparation For Minggu Kelima

It is August 28, 2014. No.. It is August 29, 2014 and it is Friday. My Pra Remaja Class will have an amazing time on next Sunday. We will do a special service on our lovely church, GKI Gejayan Pos Jemaat Adisucipto. 

As usual, we committed to take some parts on The 5th Sunday Worship. This August 2014 will be our third project. Kak Myta and I decided to do the different composition with our first project. Kak Myta will be the Liturgy Leader. Daniel, Jovan, Vava, and Abel will be the musicians. They will accompanied by Zwingli and Elly. Mia, Laras, Tyas, Maria, Nando, and Indra 7 will placed as the singers. Indra 8 will take the multimedia role. The others will take some small roles. Me? I have no part. My duty is helping Kak Eling to make everything under control. Hehehe... 

Dag dig dug.. Actually, it's a little bit harder since now we have 23 children in Pra Remaja. Thank you God everything was still under control until this time. I made some corsages for them. Hope these corsages will help them to be more confident while doing their part. Hey you guys.. You are rocks! God bless you my dear.. ^-^

This is the picture when we had our ministry on March 2014.
This August, we will have the different formation.
Let do our best, guys!  

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