Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Attractive Gary Oldman

One more post before i take a (fake) sleep. Hahahaha.. This time is about Gary Oldman. He is just another brilliant actor i ever seen. 

Have you ever heard the name of Gary Oldman? How about Sid Vicious? Okay let's say that you are the younger generation. I think you must be familiar with James Gordon, the famous idealist cop in Batman. Or, maybe Sirius Black from Harry Potter. I guess you might say, "Yes i do know that name!"

Yes, Gary Oldman is the man behind those characters. I never realize how amazing Gary Oldman is until i watched Sid and Nancy. Although it is a classic and a kind of 'disaster' movie, i finally realize how amazing Gary Oldman is.   

I enjoy the classic movie on these lately months. Thank you for my hubby who let me watch a lotttt offf movies in my post surgery time. Hahaha.. Yes, most of the movies i watched is the classic one. One of the interesting classic is Sid and Nancy.

Picture : Wikipedia

Sid and Nancy. I knew this movie from another my spectacular movies list, 500 days of Summer. This is some kind of biography of Sidney Vicious. Sid is the bassist of British punk group band, Sex Pistol. Handsome, talented, popular, and British. Sid is really attractive!

The story line of Sid and Nancy was totally telling about disaster of life. Drug, sex (of course), drug again, sex again, and ending with suicide. Sid played by Gary Oldman and Nancy play by Chloe Webb. This couple really had a messy life. They can't stop from drug addiction until one day Sid accidentally stabbed Nancy. Nancy died. Sid got shocked because he killed his true love.

Enough about Sid and Nancy. Check his another movies, Harry Potter. Gary Oldman played the role of Sirius Black. He is the godfather of the famous Harry Potter. I never like the movie version of Sirius Black because (in my opinion) he didn't match with Sirius Black description. He is too small. But one day, i watched Harry Potter : The Prisoner of Azkaban again. Then i realized Sirius is Sid Vicious. I mean, they have the same appearance and character. 

So i checked Wikipedia. Hahaha.. Obviously, Gary Oldman really like those kind of character. He loves controversy acting role. He just looks so 'normal' in Batman Movie. Hahahaha.. O, Gary O! You are old but you still rock, man!  
Picture : HeyUGuys

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