Monday, February 6, 2012

Ayundiva Lituhayu Puteri

"Miss... Kapan sih Diva pulang?"

Diva is our bestfriend. (Hehehe... I treat all student in Kindergarten 1 as a bestfriend than a student). In our mind, she is the only a real-girl in the class. Xixixi... I have 4 more buddies in K1 beside Diva. Another 3 student are boy and the other is a warrior princess.

We met Diva on the beginning of June 2011. She was a very calm and super sensitive girl. Kind of a "putri solo" one! Diva gave a totally different air to the nursery class, the boyish class. :)

She was 3.5 year when I decided to put her on the upper class. Yes she is the youngest but Diva has an amazing brain. All I have to do is stabilizing her emotional side. Day by day, week by week, month by month, Diva was getting better and better. She is being a sunshine for us. This Vita Jelly lover is really good at stage performance, self confident, and also the cognitive war of K1. I love her, the girls like her, and the boys always talking and figthing to get the attention of this beautiful young lady.

January 2012, Diva's father finally finished his Master Degree in Gajah Mada University. Diva's family decided to go back to Jekardah. I feel so sad! The other parents do. I cried when I made the farewell card for Diva. A little farewell greeting party is worse! We're laughing to hide the tears. And at the end, I can't hold on! It's a sad momment on the beginning of 2012.

One month passed, the class still felt strange without Diva. No more fight to get Diva's attention. No more sharing jelly time. No more bandana time. But the student forbid me to get away Diva's stuffs from the K1 class. They force me to put Diva's eraser, sharpener, attendance card, etc on the corner. They said: "Ini punyanya Diva miss. Taro di sini aja. Jadi kalo Diva pulang bisa tetep kerjain worksheet di K1. Diva kapan ya miss pulangnya. Lama banget sih ke jakartanya.."

Wuaaaaaaaaaaa...... Yes my dear, I miss Diva too :(

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