Monday, February 13, 2012

Match Up with My Pay.. mushaboom.. mushaboom

I am not a trained one but I always do my best to do everthing entrusted to me. I come to anykind of field with nothing. Just me my self. I learn from experience and experiment then combine them with one huge thing, strong will! I am willing to give more than I have to make them done.

I face human in my daily life. So I know for exactly that a half hearted will end with nothing. I have a vision to help human being a humane human. Once again, I am willing to give more than I have to make them done.

Suddenly I remember Feist. A French singer (maybe). In her song, Mushaboom, she said "maybe it is until the day my dream will match up with my pay". Hehehe... I smile everytime I listen to this song. Then I look to my self. Hahahaha.. I think my vision robs my life. Some people said that I sacrifice manything with my lifestyle. My friend used to tell that I think about other people more than my life, my personal life. It seem that I used to spend almost the whole 24 hour for changing someone else life. But not my life. I am neglecting my personal life. Actually I never care about my own life. I never care about the pay. I never care about how difficult the situation I face. I never care about my saving acount. I never care about what will I eat, I wear, and I have in this life. Never ever! My family should complain how stupid I am. Some friend should complain how dumb I am. The other should complain why I neglect them. It's okay! That is totally your right..

I don't know who give me this strong will. Yes, I am tired but I can't change my vision about life. No one can! No money can match up with my vision. Not even a billion. Appreciation is so much better. One simple kiss -from someone who is able to change his or her world- is more precious than the blink-blink things.

Thank you guys!

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