Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine Choholate

Today is a yummy thursday. All of the kindergarten class made a chocolate for sensory lesson. Andddd... this is it!It is easy to do. We spend Rp21.000 for the ingredients (Rp13.000 for the Coklata White Chocolate, Rp4.000 for the chocolate wafer, Rp3.000 for the sprinkle). This is the step :
1. Chop the wafer with your own style
2. Melt the chocolate by using a hot water for around 4 minutes. If you want, you can put some food colored to the melting chocolate,
3. Put the melting chocolate at the top of wafer.
4. Give a sprinkle as a garnish.

This is really really a fun cooking time (because they're only 8 people in the class :P ). Some student looked afraid to try but finally got addicted. Xixixixi.. We used the fan to dry up the chocolate. After the chocolate harden, we put them on our handmade box. Then, our chocolate's becoming like this :
The chocolate is ready ^__^

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