Monday, February 6, 2012

Tung Hitung Hitung

5 + 2 = ....

Ketika melihat soal seperti ini, beberapa anak K1 yang baru pertama kali belajar addition dan subtraction biasanya langsung menggunakan jari tangan untuk mencari jawabannya.Mereka baru kebingungan ketika soal dan jawaban mencapai dua digit angka. Secara mereka itu abosultely normal and that's mean they only have 10 fingers. So... my senior remind me to teach them how to do the addition and subtraction task.

Example :
5 + 2 = ....
five in my mind and two on my finger. After 5 is 6, 7. So, five plus two equals to seven.

12 + 5 = ...
twelve in my mind and 5 on my finger. After 12 is 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. So twelve plus five equals to seventeen.

8 - 2 = ...
Eight in my mind and two on my finger. Before 8 is 7, 6. So eight minus two equals to six.

I need two week to change their habit when couting the addition and subtraction. I found a little bit difficulties because the parent used to count with the convensional style. Hehehe.... Now we are entering the second week. Hope my sunshines are being better and beter.

PS : The counting train is a helpful things!

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