Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blood Diamond for Me

For d first time in my life, i fall in love to Dicaprio’s act. Everybody should be watching Blood Diamond. It’s telling many things on me. Such a great film ever and how sexy Dicaprio there!

The film tells the story about the cruelty of power, money and capitalism. I’ve learn several things from different person.

The first one is Maddy Bowen. In this film, Maddy is a journalist from US magazine name Vital Affairs in 1990 decade. Sierra Leone was a terrible African country because it has a diamond in its land. But, since the conflict in that country never end, ‘the hero’ (US and England) make the world buy the diamond from Sierra.

The capitalism doesn’t let the ‘superman’ stop. They do many things to import the diamond from the neighbor country. One of them is Liberia. So, the diamond can imported legally and increase the superman’s richness.

There’s Van de Kaap, the owner of a diamond Company. Kaap sell the diamond to the entire of world. He supports many politicians who support his business. That’s the reason he can stand and being a great man in London.

There’s was Maddy, an idealism journalist who wants to stop the war. She shall do many things to make it happen. For the first time, she wrote the real condition in Africa. The murder, dead body, the suffered citizen, and many things that NN (I forgot his name) saw when he won The Pulitzer’s price.

In the beginning, it worked. She success to make her reader cry and donate the money to feed the victim and stop the war. But, her news can’t stop the adventure of businessman like Kaap. In fact, the war doesn’t stop. The victim was increasing.

One day, she finds the key of her news. She must get a proof that people like Kaap something terrible. The proof that show he imported a blood diamond. So the people stop buying the diamond from Africa. Finally, the film shows that it’s the solution to several parts’ problem. Maddy can’t stop the war but she sent Kaap to the Law. But, I don’t know if Kaap really imprisoned or not. You know, money can buy the law sometimes.

There was a man named Danny Archer. He is called himself as a soldier of fortune. Quit from military and sell the diamond illegally until the time he met Maddy. The film doesn’t end with romance situation. But, his emotional conversation with Maddy tells something. He must be love Maddy although he cans runaway from his homeland. Archer dead after hold some soil of African land.

-The End-

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