Monday, November 24, 2008

Jalan Aceh 62 Hari Ini

Yovan McVee wrote this sentence as the shoutout in his facebook:
"... sudah menyerah pada perjuangannya. Sekarang tinggal menanti apa rahasia Allah selanjutnya...
Aku hanyalah aku. Bukan orang yang penuh ambisi, tapi berjuang mempertahankan hidup... Selalu..."

Mas Eko got sick.. When Wisnoe and i came to his little castle, Mas E was sleeping without any food. He refuse to let me buy some food but he ate 1/3 bread i brought 30 seconds. Maybe Mas E just feel tired to face all of this stupid situation..

Kang Ogi.. where are you???

Mang Wisnoe.. He's trying hard to put a big smile on his "hideung" face.. huahahahaha...!! but his eyes telling us something. i started to realize that he also has a tired face too

Iwa Sugriwa Kurawa Pararawa .. He chose to go home as soon as posible after knowing Ogi’s in another province for several day.. just like as ussual.

Ugie_santacruz… Several of us agree to claim that Ugie is a member of one politic party [alias kader partai gitu..] hahaha.. “Harapan itu masih ada teman-teman!” That’s his favourite quote in the latest day.

Radi Saputro.. Still get busy in his nu world. It’s okay as long as that world could give him something. Some cash money to buy a cosmetics.. persiapan untuk dinas malem di taman saparua.. hahahaha…

Kris.. Kang Kris.. I miss his Kepompong Song. The word in that song remain me that I still have a family here.. “Kita kan keluarga bahagia di tengah krisis.. ya kan vi! Kita harus tetap semangat”

Raka. He sent us “Sahabat Kecil”. A song from Ipang that telling about the end of friendship. Such a touched song but really dscribing our condition!

Mas Rohmat & Putu.. Hope the two of you still here! You’re our family, bro!!!

Kang Dede Ibin.. Stop calling me Bunda, please!!!

Bung Arief... he keep asking why why why??? what happens with this life???

Me.. My self.. Thank to the Lord, I can smile today in this hard situation. I still have the spirit to encourage the other friends. Thank for the support in your weird way. But, it trully means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you every single day!!

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