Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jogja, I'm Back!

This is me. Now i'm really leaving my lovely Bandung and maybe i'll be arrive at St Tugu Yogya in 4.40 pm.

Thank God for everything. Everything was out of prediction. Yeah, yeah, yeah..i'm not a kind of organize person. I run my life with spontaneous style. Some people really HATE these habit but i trully enjoy it. The spontaneous style bring a lot of surprises in my life, and i LOVE surprise..

The last surprises are the stuffs from people of Bandung. I have planned to go to Yogya since last week. Kind a stupid girl huh?! Many people think that i was soooo damn fool but what can i do.. I love Bandung so much but i cant stand everytime i watch, listen, and read the information in Yogya.
Then i decided to go back to my home in last seven mounths, Yogya. Some people happy while the other dissapointed, and sumtime mad, about me. I'm sorry guys..

Okay now let's forget the negative feeling. Let me say "ARIGATO GOSAIMAS", "MAULIATE GODANG", "HATUR NUHUN", "MATUR SUWUN", and bon apetit.. Hahaha.. Kata yg terakhir ga nyambung banget. Itu memang terngiang-ngiang terus karena sampai saat ini aku masih mikirin sepiring nasi padang pake ayam balado ala Doa Mande. My fave nasi padang ever! Yeahh...!! ^^
Hehehe.. But trully guy, i want to send my grateful feeling through this note. Tommorrow i'll distribute your donation to the victim of Merapi. I promise i'll write the situasion in there as acurate as i can. Once again, God bless you all..

-bonsai kecil-
@ Lodaya Pagi

ps: boris yonga sinaga.. Semangaaat!! Tengkyu ya bro..

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  1. Hi Epoy... apa kabar?
    Kangen cerita2 denganmu..