Monday, October 24, 2016

Spending The Leisure with Mocca

Yes, finally Mocca! Finally i have a swinging night and i spent it with my beau. Bwahahaha.. Beau!

It all began with the info from Mocca Official Instagram about the Land of Leisure concert on Sunday Oct 23, 2016 at the Rooftop Ambarukmo Plaza. So, i talked to Ruben about this concert. He said yes and we prepared ourself to enjoy Mocca. Yey!

FYI, i work at church and weekend is always be the most busiest time of the week. Weekend is also mean the most tiring time, especially Sunday. So, Ruben push me to have an enough nap time after work.

Sunday 08.30 PM. Ambarukmo Plaza (Amplaz) looked soooo crowded. Ruben said Amplaz Parking Area never been so full since the first time he lived in Jogja. Rush, rush, rush! After some confusing moment, finally we arrived at Rooftop. The jazzy is in the air, baby. Yey! Mocca! Yey, another me! Hehehe.. I mean : Arina!

It took me about 15 minute until i gave up. We decided to find the comfort spot to enjoy the show. No smoke, no annoying teenager, no light rain, and some nice place to sit together with Ruben. We could not see the performance but at least we could hear the music of Mocca. Oh no, i missed a couple of Mocca song. You should update your song vocab, Epoy! Hohoho..

And... finally my most favorite song ever : "Me and My Boyfriend". Hahahha.. Still!  Thank you, yang for all of the lovely moment together. I waited so long to hold your hand tight while Mocca sang Me and My Boyfriend for us. Hahahaha..

"When I'm blue. feel so lonely
No one sits here right beside me
I'm gonna call you just to hurry
Come and see me
It's so scary and I need you desperately

I share my dream and all my story
I don't think i need my diary
If you're teasing me, don't you worry
I will keep you in my memory"

Finally the show came to the end. Mocca closed the concert with the energizing song. Life Keeps on Turning. I am amazed how much i still remember the lyric. The most cheerful brokenhearted song ever. Hahaha..

We went home before 10 PM and felt so exhausted. But, i am happy. Thank you Mocca. Thank you, Ruben. My bestfriend, my beau, my hubby, and most of all :  teman hidupku.

I love you, 

Evi Panjaitan 

Not Arina Ephinania :p

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