Friday, October 28, 2016

I'm Blessed as a Man to Have Seen You in White

One ordinary day. Ruben and i laid down on our fave air bed. We had our lazy time after back from work. Our appereance was so absurd, as ussual. Hehehe...  We're too lazy to change our clothes and chose to have the after work chit-chat with the absurd position. 

The radio was (maybe) on. Sudennly Ruben said something about "seen you in white". I didn't realize what he wanted to talk about. The conversation was short. He said something like this, "sayang di kita ga familier sama 'in white' ya". I couldn't remember the rest but i remember we hugged each other so tight that night before we go to sleep.

But then today i realize what about "seen you in white" is. Hahahaha... That's the lyric of The Script's song : Never seen Anything "Quite Like You". OMG, it's a sweeeet song! This is best part of that song :

Well I've seen you in jeans with no make-up on
And I've stood there in awe as your date for the prom
I'm blessed as a man to have seen you in white
But I've never seen anything quite like you tonight
No, I've never seen anything quite like you

P.S: I was in white and red at our wedding day. Batak sekali! Hehehe.. I really wish one day in our Wedding Vow Renewal, I could be in white. Just a simple white and it will be enough. Hope so :)    

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